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Finding a good play boy job in Mumbai these days is extremely difficult; most job providers in our industries engage in fraudulent activities, and the last time you interact with them is when you register with them and pay your registration fee. However, at Gigolo Careers, we give real play boy jobs close your location, with monthly salaries starting at Rs 60,000 INR. You can earn more money than your peers and family, and the best feature is that you get compensated to have sex with beautiful women looking for you. So  Don’t waste time Register with us and Apply for pPay Boy Job Now!!


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We have made the process of applying for play boy job as simpler for you. We have a team of playboy recruiters who are constantly working for you. To connect you with beautiful women in Mumbai who are looking for to hire a playboy in Mumbai. All you have to do is click on the registration button, fill out the form with your information, and your profile will be ready and forwarded to these attractive women.

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Yes you’re heard it right, well there will be times when you get hired to perform your act as a playboy for kitty parties filled with young hot women who are in need of letting their sexual feelings flow. This is what makes play boy job in Mumbai very exciting as you never know if you will be getting paid to have sexual intercourse with one or multiple women. It’s a dream job isn’t it , Apply Now!!

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Steps ?

Fill out the membership registration form below & We’ll contact you within 24 hours to take your registration process further.Please only provide us with genuine information.



To become a playboy you need to be a core member of any playboy club in Mumbai which will help you attend to customers easily. Gigolo Careers is the best play for applying for play boy jobs in Mumbai as we provide you a head start in your career with our client base. Register to grab all the opportunities with come along with our play boy jobs in Mumbai


Yes, it is totally fine if you are a play boy or want to start your career in this industry you can easily apply for play boy job in Mumbai as it is legal to provide playboy services in India & and many young individuals like you are already have applied for play boy job in Mumbai from our portal and they are living their luxurious life


To enter the playboy market and begin offering playboy services, you must find a legitimate playboy company or a playboy club in Mumbai that pays well and has a strong clientele. This is where Gigolo careers come in because we offer play boy job in Mumbai that is close to your location and we have a strong clientele to ensure that you receive constant requests for playboy service. Register with us straight away to begin earning money without having to put in much effort.


A trustworthy playboy club in Mumbai like Gigolo careers will be by your side and will assist you in finding the ideal play boy job in Mumbai quickly because We provide our customers with both playboy services and playboy jobs, enabling us to combine everything under one roof.  Register with us now!!


Before you register for play boy job in Mumbai, you should know we only hire those play boys who have great personality, are free from all sexually transmitted diseases, or can perform well in the job. One should know how to satisfy a woman’s need before applying for the job role and before becoming a core member of our community of playboy club in Mumbai


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