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If you fondle upon us while searching for a play boy job in Kolkata  , If you’re wondering what are the steps you should follow to become a playboy and to provide playboy services, or whether you have been robbed earlier by other playboy agencies and searching for real playboy job in Kolkata,  then you’ve come to the right place. Gigolo Careers is India’s largest playboy agency, with a diverse customer base that will assist you in landing high-paying gigs. Furthermore, we have just opened our vacancies for play boy job in Kolkata, so if you are interested and want to apply, Register with us now by following easy steps


Who are playboys and how to become playboy in kolkata

A playboy is a man who voluntarily engages in sexual practises with the woman who is offering to pay for the services. These activities include sensual massage, listening to her storylines, pampering her, going on dinner date with her, and having sexual intercourse with the woman, to mention a few. To apply for a play boy job in Kolkata , simply register by either clicking on the “Apply now” button or through calling us directly. After that, our customer service team will contact you to obtain some of your personal data, which you do not need to be concerned about because this information is completely secure with us. After confirming your information, your profile would be prepared to be shared with our lovely customers.


How much you can earn as a Playboy in Kolkata?

You must be aware, that a Playboy earns a minimum of Rs. 5,000 per booking, and furthermore people who have joined with us earn more than what a regular playboy earns. The average income of a playboy who has applied for play boy job in Kolkata through our portal is Rs. 15,000 per booking, and the rates tends to skyrocket when the customers are booking for the entire night. Because of the huge surge in demand for playboys in Kolkata by hot irresistible women. So what are you waiting for apply now for the job role and get paid for having sex with women.


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Before you apply for a play boy job in Kolkata, you should know that we only hire playboys who have a positive attitude towards the job as well as have a decent personality, are free of sexually transmitted diseases, and can perform well on the job. Before applying for the job or joining our playboy club, you must meet all of our eligibility requirements mentioned above.


To enter the playboy market and begin providing playboy services, first find a legitimate playboy company or a play boy club in Kolkata that pays well and has a large clientele. This is where Gigolo careers come in because our huge clientel allows us to constantly provide legitimate playboy gigs to all the playboys who have registrerd with us. The jobs that we offers will be always close to your location, so that you won’t have to travel alot. Sign up with us right away to give a head start to your career and begin earning money with little effort.


Yes, as it is permitted in India to provide playboy service in Kolkata as long as both the paying as well as the playboy are willingly involved in the sexual activity. So if you are a playboy or want to start a career in this industry, you can easily apply and become a playboy in Kolkata by applying through our job portal, so many young people like you already applied for the job role through our gateway and have now begun living their lavish lifestyles.


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