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If you fondle upon us while searching for a playboy job in bangalore, you must be wondering is safe and legal to practice playboy services or in short, is legal to work as a playboy in Banglore, so you have come to the right place we at Gigolo Careers are India’s biggest playboy company having a wide variety of customer base which will help you get high paying gigs. Additionally, we have just opened our vacancies for playboy job in Bangalore so if you are interested and looking to apply for the job role, Click on the Apply now button now

What are playboys and how to for the job role?

A playboy is a man who willingly indulges in sexual activities with the woman who is paying for the services, these activities consist of sensual massage, listening to her stories, pampering her, going on date night with her, and having sexual intercourse with the woman is just a few of the activities in which playboys are indulged. to apply for a playboy job in Bangalore all you need to do is register with us by clicking on the “Apply now” button or by directly calling us. After that our customer representative will call you to get some of your personal details, which you don’t have to worry about as this information is totally saved and secure with us, After verifying your details your profile will be ready to be shared with our beautiful customers.

How much you can earn as a Playboy in Banglore?

You must be knowing and even if you don’t, a Playboy earns a minimum of Rs. 5,000 per booking, and the customers who have partnered with us earn more than a regular playboy. The average income of the playboy who had applied for the playboy job in Bangalore through our portal earns Rs. 15,000 per booking and the rates go to the roof when it comes to getting booked for the whole night. You can earn more than what your whole family earns in just few weeks, because of the huge surge in demand for playboys in Banglore by hot irresistible women, Donot waste your time anymore Click on the apply now button to get started with the process.

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Steps ?

Fill out the membership registration form below & We’ll contact you within 24 hours to take your registration process further.Please only provide us with genuine information.



In order to be eligible to apply for a playboy job in Bangalore through our portal, you must know that we only accept those customers who are free from all sexually emitted diseases and who are not part of the LGBTQ community. The qualities that we look for in our candidate are that he should be humble and knows how one should behave in front of women, he should well a mannered person who must have a dressing sense, so that he wears properly according to the occasion.

Gigolo Careers have been in this business for many years delivering the best playboy services in Banglore, Because of this, we are able to maintain a huge customer base who are constantly in search for the men like yourself. Gigolo careers have a dedicated team who are indulged in the activity of hiring the best playboys in Bangalore, So if you are one of them click on the Apply Now button to know more.

In India and especially in Banglore what has been taboo in earlier days is now legal in the eyes of the India Consitution, as now women are awoken now that they have their own sexual craving which has to be filled by either their men or by hiring playboys around them. And since it is a relatively new industry so if will be extremely beneficial for the new comers as they will enjoy the huge surge in demands. So dont waste anymore of your time and apply for playboy job in Bangalore through our job portal right away.

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