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Play boy job in Ahmedabad have been in high demand for many years because many women have awakened to the fact that engaging in sexual activities is more than just a way to keep their marriages or satisfy their men, but it is a basic human need. Every woman has the right to be satisfied, whether by her partners or by high-ranking playboys. Women nowadays are willing to pay a lot of money for playboy services, and this is where we come in by matching up beautiful desperate women with our playboys. Right now, we are looking for men who are already in the industry or who want to get started, in this industry. Our team at Gigolo Careers invites you all to apply for the play boy job in Ahmedabad and start getting paid for having sex with hot sexy women.

How can I apply for play boy job in ahmedabad?

So, now that you’ve decided to apply for a playboy job  through our website, you’re probably wondering how the process works. To begin, you must register with us by clicking on the “Apply now” button or directly calling us on our registered number. Following that, a customer representative will contact you and request basic information. These details will not be shared with anyone; instead, they will be kept safe and secure with us in our vault, after which your profile will be activated and shared among our customer list. When one of your customers chooses your profile, our professional team will set up a meeting with you. So don’t waste any more time and apply for play boy job in Ahmedabad.

How much can you earn as a playboy in Ahmadabad?

A playboy in Ahmedabad earns between Rs 5,000 and Rs 10,000 per night, while playboys who work with us earn more than Rs 15,000 per night. We have a lucrative customer list filled with high paying customers because we are not only a job portal but also a service provider. All you have to do is apply for our play boy job in Ahmedabad and you can start earning right away.


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We are looking for men who are free of all sexually transmitted diseases and who do not use drugs. Candidate must be a well-mannered gentleman who knows how to dress appropriately for the occasion and will accompany the women who are bidding for the service. We will perform a health check as well as a personal evaluation with our inter nation before approving you to begin providing your services

Your profile pictures along with other pictures that you are going to provide us are the major key to attracting more customers in your journey, as more gigs result in more revenue income. Another thing that most of the candidates do wrong while they apply for play boy job in Ahmedabad, is they over-exaggerate their details, they even sometimes lie about their performance or about their body parts, which creates distrust among your customer. You have to be pretty straight forward from day one. Your reviews are what your customers think about you, you are only going to get more customers in your play boy job in ahmedabad if the reviews given by them are good.

Gigolo careers, a reputable playboy company in Ahmedabad, will be by your side and will assist you in quickly finding the ideal play boy job because we provide both playboy services and playboy jobs to our clients, allowing us to consolidate everything under one roof. Sign up with us right away!!

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