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What is Playboy job? ,What services does Playboy offer?

A playboy is an individual who provides women sexual pleasure in return for payment. Typically, the playboy must spend time with the clients in their luxurious hotel rooms, therefore the playboys are expected to behave properly to fit in with their high-profile surroundings. Since prostitution is permitted in India, it is simpler for women to have fun with playboys there. At Gigolo Career, we offer strong, attractive, healthy men at affordable prices who can boost a woman’s pleasure by providing them playboy service.

Therefore, in order to become a playboy and to begin a long-lasting career in this field, you must be in good physical condition and free from sexually transmitted illnesses. Additionally, how you behave and what type of personality you possess are key factors in landing a decent job. As a candidates applying for playboy job you should pass all the test which we might take to test your physical health and to make sure that you won’t transmit any kind of disease to our valuable clients who are looking for  playboy service.


Eligibility Criteria f


Gigolo Those vying for the position of playboy must conduct themselves correctly and politely.


Before applying for the the job role, candidates should be in good health and disease-free condition.


In order to please clients, candidates must know how to dress appropriately for the occasion.


Candidates with any type of substance addiction problem are not eligible to apply for the playboy job.

Process to Apply for the job role

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Salary Prospect

It is difficult to find playboy company in India, thus Gigolo Career can assist you in landing a perfect playboy job in no time

Work Environment

We offer our applicants for playboy job an opulent working environment where they will spend their time in pricey hotels.

Selection Process

Anyone who is willing to do playboysex and meets all of the conditions to be qualified to apply for playboy job will have no trouble starting to make money right away.



To enter the playboy market and begin offering playboy services, you must find a legitimate playboy company that pays well and has a strong clientele. This is where Gigolo Career comes in because we offer playboy job positions that are close to your location and we have a strong clientele to ensure that you receive constant requests for playboy service. Register with us right away to start making money without putting in a lot of effort.


An average playboy company can help you reach somewhere from Rs 10,000 to Rs 30,000 INR monthly , whereas Gigolo Career which is india’s largest playboy company can help to secure a stable income ranging from Rs 25,000 to Rs 70,000 INR monthly. Our playboy company will help you get there but it totally depends on you that how much plaboysex can you provide or how many times are you willing to have sex with our clients in a month.


Yes, it is quite legal to apply for and have a playboy job in India. Earlier, playboysex was frowned upon, but today our government has legalised it and given Indian residents permission to operate playboy company. As long as the client choosing these services and the parties providing playboy services are willing to engage in this activity.


A trustworthy playboy company like Gigolo Career by your side will assist you in finding the ideal playboy job quickly because we offer both playboy services and playboy job to our clients, allowing us to consolidate everything under one roof.  To apply for a real playboy job Register with us now!!


Playboysex is the term used to describe the sexual gratification or sexual interaction that playboy also known as call boy offer to their clientele in exchange for payment. If you fall into this category, register with us to get a real playboy job close to where you live. Due to the high demand for these services, finding a real playboy job won’t be too difficult for you.

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