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If you are a housewife or single woman looking to hire a male escort in Delhi to engage in the sexual activities that they provide, you have come to the right place. Gigolo Careers has been a male escort service provider for many years, providing our clients with the best services at reasonable prices. We provide you a list of well-mannered male escort providers who know how to be a good companion, with whom whom you can can go on dates and to the movies, with whom you can call and chat as you would with your boyfriend or husband, and who is also great in bed. Register with us to take advantage of the best male escort services in Delhi.


How to hire a male escort in Delhi?

To begin your sign-up process and begin enjoying your male escort services in delhi, click on the registration button or call us at our number. Our customer service representative will contact you and ask for basic information about you for verification purposes . Once your profile has been activated with us, you will begin to receive a long list of handsome men with great physiques to choose from within your budget. After you have chosen your men, our team will arrange a meet up with your chosen men. So you can decide whether this male escort is right for you after what begin enjoying our sensual services right away.


Vacancies available for male escort job in Delhi

We are looking for male escort in Delhi. If you are a young and muscular man who is free of all sexually transmitted diseases and is not addicted to any drugs, then you will be eligible to apply for our male escort job in Delhi on our job portal. Gigolo Careers has been in this industry for a long time, developing a strong business identity; as a result, we are extremely picky when it comes to sorting through our candidates who have applied for a male escort job in Delhi.For us, not only physical appearance but also how one behaves and dresses is important. So, if you believe you are a good fit for the job, then click on the “Apply now” button or call us at our phone number to get started.




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First ready our process properly then Fill in the below registration form for membership.  We’ll get in touch with you within 24 hours with further details.




Women have been suppressed by the male community since their childhood, and it is only now that they are able to explore interests other than their traditional household jobs. They have realized that sex is not just something they should do to please their men, but also to please themselves; it is a basic human need. No one should deprive of their desire for pleasurable sex, which is why women hire a male escort in Delhi to meet their needs this is where Gigolo Careers play an important role of helping women to find the best male escort.


The answer to your question is simple: many male escorts earn more than Rs 2 lakh per month, while others earn less than Rs 15,000 per month. It all depends on your personality and the type of male escort agency with which you have partnered. Gigolo Careers has been in this industry for far too long and has a highly reputable reputation in the market providing strong muscular make escort in Delhi to our customers; most of the escorts who have partnered with us live a lavish life, earning far more than their friends and family. Register with us to get a head start on your career.


A lot of agencies claim to be the best male escort service provider but truth be told there is nothing more than scammers who are there to take your money away from you, Register with us to find a real male escort in delhi and satisfy your sexual hunger now.


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