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Who are Male Escorts and What services they provide?

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Male escort services don’t just refer to a man who sells sex to women; occasionally, ladies who feel abandoned by their own family members choose these services to fill the gap. That is what I meant when I said that older ladies who don’t have kids or don’t want their own kids around them occasionally employ male escort service or hire male escorts who can just hang around with them and listen. There may be times when you are hired as a male escort by a depressed woman who has a difficult life and only wants to be pampered by a strong man, whether it is by his partner or a male escort who simply listens to her.

Or there are times when women just fells horny and she needs to burn that energy by hiring a male escort and having casual sex with them. We have seen a lot cases which are now becoming common where women hire people who are willing to provide male escort service in order to make their kitty parties more exciting, here male escorts may have to showcase his dance moves or in some cases he might have to have multiple intercourse with more than one women in the party.

Gigolo Careers offers a variety of male escort services to satisfy the needs of a strong independent woman looking for hassle-free male escort service. Nowadays, male escorts are not just hired for providing their traditional male escort services but also for many activities like those we have mentioned in the above paragraphs. Sign up with us right away to employ strong, attractive men as your male escorts.

Do's & Don't Before Hiring

Male Escort Service


Verify that the male escorts you are about to employ have a friendly attitude.


They must be in good physical condition in order to satisfy all of their clients’ sexual needs.


Male escorts should have a good fashion sense so that they can blend in with their surroundings


Male escort with a history of drug abuse should not be hired to provides male escort service

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Genuine male escort service providers are those who have been in business for a considerable amount of time, have a sizable clientele, and have both male escorts and people seeking for male escort service.For many years, Gigolo Career has provided male escort service, call boys, play boys, and gigolo services. And more recently, in order to provide our clients with the most superior premium services at competitive prices, we have started working directly with male escort in order to create even more complete and comprehensive male escort service.


Yes, anyone—married or not—can easily hire a male escort for their personal amusement. There’s nothing wrong with it, and Gigolo Careers is capable of providing you with the best male escort service. In India, choosing theses is no longer frowned upon; rather, and now using for male escort service is a  widespread practice.


Both paying for male escort service and applying for male escort jobs are completely legal in India as long as both parties participate in this activity voluntarily. Here, Gigolo Careers acts as a link to close the distance between them. Because we have a male escort on staff and a clientele that is willing to use the male escort service, we try to finish everything under one roof.


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